Dance in Urla

5 Rhythms® Dance Workshop
in Urla with Atmo Lars Lindvall

5Rhythms® is a dance meditation practice which helps us to “be” in the present moment.

You don’t need to have any dance experience.

The sessions will be held in different locations in Urla.

The participants can attend any sessions they want.

For more info and reservation contact:

Datum / Zeit

Freitag, 15. März 2024

19:30 h


Sonntag, 17. März 2024

16:00 h


Urla / Izmir / Turkey
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15 March Friday 19.30-22.00 Fee: 680 tl

16 March Saturday 11.00-13.00 Fee: 1000 tl 14.00-16.00

16 March Saturday 19.30-22.00 Fee: 680 tl

17 March Sunday 11.00-13.00 Fee: 1000 tl 14.00-16.00

For those who want to attend all the sessions the total discounted price is: 3200 TL


Atmo Lars Lindvall